The site creators with Mr. Phil Jones, the Associate Curator of the Babylonian Section at the Penn Museum. 

This digital exhibit was created by Eva Low and Elena Hull, two high school summer interns who worked in the library at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology over the course of three weeks in July 2017. They attended many special presentations and tours done by the museum staff, and participated in several discussions with the undergraduate, graduate, and other high school students interning at Penn. With the guidance of their supervisor Ms. Sasha Renninger, a Digital Humanities Specialist, they worked together to build this site; they hope that it will become a resourceful tool for anyone who seeks more information about cuneiform, Mesopotamia, or other related topics. They would like to thank Mr. Thomas Leischner of the Learning Programs department and Ms. Sasha Renninger for giving them the opportunity to work at the Penn Museum.


To learn more about how this site was designed, check out the project repository.